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Energy Lens - Energy Management Software 1.6.4

Energy Lens - Energy Management Software 1.6.4: Helps businesses to save energy by discovering waste and improving efficiency. Energy Lens helps you to analyze your energy data to find energy waste and to track changes in energy performance. Such regular energy monitoring can lead to significant energy savings. Energy Lens works with the high-resolution interval energy data that`s readily available to large buildings, and increasingly available to smaller ones. It`s an effective energy-management solution for businesses, and a powerful tool for energy consultants.

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EZ Wizard 3.0

EZ Wizard provides a simple point and click interface to enable monitor power management on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP systems saving up to $50 / yr in energy costs. It was developed by the DOE/EPA under the Energy Star Monitor Power Management program to promote increased use of PC monitor energy saving features. If issues arise after enabling monitor power management EZ Wizard can be used to reset to the original configuration.

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PC Power Partner 1.2: Save the earth and your money with this free computer energy manager tool.
PC Power Partner 1.2

Now you can conserve energy and save money by using this tool to manage your computer’s energy usage.With PC Power Partner, you can schedule times for your computer to shut down, hibernate,or go into standby mode. Stop wasting energy by leaving your computer on all the time.Instead,create schedules that work around your time on the computer – set it to hibernate during your lunch each day or shut down after your virus scan runs each night.

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Workstation Power Saving Manager 1.1.28: Automatic PC power management and energy conservation
Workstation Power Saving Manager 1.1.28

energy annually, resulting in up to $100 in power bills or increased electrical fees per square foot of office space. NetWrix Workstation Power Saving Manager is a freeware tool that enables centralized power management to place networked computers into power saving modes during non-business hours and reduce energy consumption. The product can save up to 30% of energy with zero impact on user productivity and IT maintenance operations. The Workstation

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Auto Shutdown Manager Enviprot Americas provides enterprise software designed for PC power management.
Auto Shutdown Manager

energy used by PCs on their network by between 40% and up to 85% without affecting end users or IT performance. Auto Shutdown Manager is a small software that enables you to minimize your PC network power consumption by automatically putting idle laptops, desktops, workstations and servers across your network reliably into power saving modes for instant energy conservation. Auto Shutdown Manager provides a network console to centrally manage power

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Heartland Energy Colorado 1.0: Heartland Energy Colorado Safari Toolbar with radio, search capability
Heartland Energy Colorado 1.0

Heartland Energy Colorado Safari Toolbar with radio, search capability, RSS feed, and many other features. Heartland Energy Colorado also known as Heartland Energy Development Corporation out of Englewood, Colorado is a privately held oil and gas producer with an experienced team of management and industry expertise who specialize in developing domestic gas and oil fields. With properties all over the Unites States, Heartland Energy Colorado

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Auto Shutdown Manager Manage power on, shutdown and sleep modes of your networked PCs centrally
Auto Shutdown Manager

Manager supports so called local broadcasts, directed broadcasts as well as WOL Proxies to make sure Wake On Lan works across different Networks, VLANs and even the Internet. **Client Server Model: Auto Shutdown Manager can operate as a standalone installation or in a client server model. An Auto Shutdown Manager Server can manage thousands of clients; manage their settings by groups, policies, WOL schedules, maintenance plans, statistics and much

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